Roxanne Ellen Bibizadeh is a Research Associate for an ESRC IAA funded project: “Digital Wildfires: Mediation and Responsible Citizenship in the Digital Age”. Her personal research focuses on representations of Islam and “Race” in Anglo-Iranian and Anglo-Arab Diasporic Literature, for which she is currently completing her PhD. She is also an Editorial Assistant for the new journal Feminist Dissent. She won the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduate Students (WATE PGR 2013-14). She was awarded an Academic Fellowship with the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning to create and convene an interdisciplinary module "Censorship and Society" in 2015-16.

She served as a seminar tutor for Transnational Feminism and Modes of Reading in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies for four years at the University of Warwick. For the last three years she also acted as a Course Director for the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Warwick, where she has designed and directed three courses. 

Roxanne also taught for eight years as an English Teacher in a variety of secondary schools, including teaching in a National Challenge secondary school, an 'outstanding' inner London comprehensive, and independent day schools in Coventry.

Her dual Iranian and English heritage has driven her interest in Anglo-Iranian and Anglo-Arab Diasporic Literature. She writes creatively in her spare time, including short stories and a novella on the London underground bombings. At present Roxanne is writing her first novel, which deals with racial diversity in London. The novel is based on a short story entitled ‘The Bride of Death’.